Welcome to Day One of our new website, initiated today, some years after our founding as a boutique agency specializing in food, wine and restaurants. As we’ve grown, we’ve added new people, talents and interests which expanded our view of the world and our capabilities to communicate new ideas to different audiences that we’ll be reporting here.

Just recently we’ve been involved with a community relations project for Costco Wholesale which in turn introduced us to the East Coast developer, Breslin Realty Development Corporation , our new client which introduced about 80 percent of all national brands to Long Island, New York, through the shopping centers it has built there.

Also, we have just been engaged by the Yorkville Sports Association, the largest sports league association in New York and therefore the largest in the country. Considering that as a kid I had a hard time hitting a ball, this is certainly a new and exciting development for me personally.

And do you know about The Home Guru?  It’s the branded home advisory service I’ve been working on as a hobby for some years that is about to take on a new and exciting life of its own, to be announced in the next quarter. On the horizon are equally diverse and exciting opportunities that I will be reporting shortly.

Stay tuned.