JPODS, Breakthrough Solar-Powered Transportation System, To Be Introduced at Yorktown Festival by Bill James & Primavera PR

Yorktown Heights, NY – Oct 12, 2014 – “The Wright Brothers traveled 120 feet and changed the world; JPODS will travel 100 meters and revolutionize transportation from this point forward,” says Bill James of his pioneer transportation system, JPODS. James, who has spent 16 years developing JPODS, will be welcomed today by Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace and Chamber of Commerce President Joseph Visconti in order to provide a “tease” of his solar-powered transportation system, to be introduced officially and demonstrated November 10, 2014 in Secaucus, New Jersey.


At a press conference just prior to the kick-off of the annual Yorktown Fall Festival & Street Fair, James will talk about how the system will operate and its social, historical and economic implications in revolutionizing transportation. At the end of the day, starting at 5 pm, James will be offering free rides around Yorktown on his ELF, a three-wheeled, solar powered passenger vehicle. Rides will be available upon signing up at the booth of Bill Primavera, president of Primavera Public Relations and local realtor known and branded as “The Home Guru.”


“I chose to Yorktown Heights as my kick-off point for JPODS because Bill Primavera is my friend and his agency, Primavera PR, headquartered here, will be communicating JPODS to the world,” James said. In response, Primavera said, “What an incredible honor to have my company attached to history in this way.”


According to James, JPODS is a fully solar-powered monorail system that is designed to eliminate congestion in urban areas with “10x” efficiency, utilizing 85 percent less energy than most personal transportation vehicles with absolutely no carbon emissions. Factors like the light-weight vehicle design, lack of startup and shutdown procedures and absence of fossil fuels also make JPODS cost-effective to build and maintain. “Combatting ‘civilization killers’ like global climate change, highway fatalities and resource wars,” James says, “the JPODS system will not only appeal to the public for its cost benefits, but for its ideological factors as well.


“Transportation is the catalyst to bring change to energy sources,” he continued, “which is just a hint at how groundbreaking the JPODS system is for our global community as a whole.”


The press conference in Yorktown Heights today acts as a preview for the main event on November 10, 2014, in Secaucus, NJ, the first city in the world to approve the installation of JPODS. There, a rescue installation will be built and demonstrated for the world press to show its efficacy, then disassembled for reassembly in other communities throughout the nation for demonstration purposes.


James promises that Yorktown Heights, NY, will be the first town to have its own JPODS demonstration where citizens can enjoy a free ride on the world’s first solar-powered monorail. (“That ride can be just like ‘the 12 second ride in Kitty Hawk, NC, that changed the world,’” James said, smiling.)


For further information about the JPODS system, visit, or call Primavera Public Relations at 914-245-5390. To speak to Bill Primavera directly, call his cell at 914-522-2076.