JPODS, Breakthrough Solar-Powered Transportation System, Introduced to the World with Demonstration in Secaucus

“The biggest news in transportation since the Wright Brothers.” Bill James, JPODS Inventor


Secaucus, NJ – Nov. 6, 2014 – “The Wright Brothers traveled 120 feet and changed the world; JPODS will demonstrate a 120 foot solar-powered transportation network that will solve congestion in cities,” says Bill James of his pioneer transportation system, JPODS.


James, who has spent 16 years developing JPODS, will launch the revolutionary travel system on November 10, 2014 in Secaucus, New Jersey. The temporary version, Rescue-Rail, will be built and demonstrated for the press to show its efficacy.


JPODS is a fully solar-powered monorail system with “10x” efficiency, utilizing 85 percent less energy than most personal transportation vehicles with absolutely no carbon emissions. Factors like the light-weight vehicle design, lack of startup and shutdown procedures and absence of fossil fuels also make JPODS cost-effective to build and maintain.


At a press conference scheduled at 11:00 am, James will talk about how the system will operate and its social, historical and economic implications in revolutionizing transportation. The network will then be moved to other cities interested in understanding how congestion and dependence on foreign oil can be solved by the Physical-Internet®, which combines roller coaster mechanics with computer networks.


The government of Secaucus is leading the world by governing sustainable infrastructure by performance standards. A law was passed in June allowing the use of rights of way over city streets based on efficiency exceeding 120 passenger-miles per gallon. JPODS networks move people and cargo at about 260 passenger-miles per gallon, 1/10th the energy of highway network. Solar collectors over the rails gather the energy to power the networks. JPODS expects to use this law to build the world’s first solar-powered mobility network in the three miles from Secaucus Junction train station to just across the river from MetLife Stadium.


James asks, “Are you unhappy with congestion, unhappy with gasoline prices? Life requires energy. Why are we wasting energy moving a ton to move a person? Why not strive to move only the person? Cleaner, faster, safer and more affordable mobility is possible by the Physical-Internet®.”


For further information about the JPODS system, visit For more information or directions to attend the press conference, call Bill Primavera at 914-522-2076.