YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY (June 29, 2015) – In announcing the opening of a full service video production studio here called HD Media/Primavera Productions, co-founder Donald Kelly says, “As the demand for web content increases, so does the need for quality video production, and I am delighted to partner with Bill Primavera of Primavera Public Relations to service businesses and individuals in the Hudson Valley region.


Bill Primavera, founder of Primavera Public Relations, the longest running marketing company in Westchester, says, “That television production course I took long ago in college haunted me throughout my professional career and whenever I had the opportunity to produce video for a client, it was always one of my favorite activities. However, I always had to outsource the service. Now it will be wonderful to produce everything in-house. How lucky I was to find Don Kelly who has built this professional studio under the roof of Primavera PR and to have his vast experience and technical skill to run it, while our creative team scripts the videos and coaches our clients to appear in front of the camera.”


The HD Media/Primavera Studio is located in Yorktown Heights at 2718 Hickory Street at the corner of Granite Springs Road in the historic Ebenezer White House. The studio features seven cameras, nine audio recording tools, 15 pieces of studio lighting, three settings, three backdrops, including green screen, and a variety of formats from which clients can choose, including voiceovers, video profiles, “elevator pitches,” and professional editing.


“Don is the technician and my PR team does the creative,” says Primavera, “the scripting and coaching primarily.” Kelly, who has done many videos in the real estate field with agents, recognized the need for coaching to put his subjects at ease in front of the camera. “It’s amazing. These are natural born salespeople but much too often, I’ve seen a great video concept suffer because someone is nervous on camera. But Bill has experience on Madison Avenue, coaching for television appearances, and that experience will be put to good use with our work here.”


Primavera added, “Over the years, I’ve learned how to break down those walls between who a person is and the camera lens. Video is so important today for search engine optimization, so I think we’ll have a good market waiting for our services.”


Prior to his entry into video production, Kelly enjoyed a successful career as a mortgage banker for over 30 years, and therefore speaks the language of the real estate industry thoroughly, one area of concentration for the new enterprise. In that regard, he is a good match to Primavera whose resume includes being a realtor with William Raveis Real Estate and is known as “The Home Guru,” a branded weekly columnist for The Examiner and a blogger on the subject of home improvement and lifestyles.


Don Kelly also is involved with producing video of the Honor Flight of the Hudson Valley which flies veterans of World War II to Washington, D.C. four times a year for a whirlwind tour of the monuments and memorials there.


To discuss video concepts, call Bill Primavera at: 914-245-5390. Or email: Bill@PrimaveraPR.com